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Information to help an organization create choices

PRAESTANTIA'S Academic Analytics comprise descriptive, predictive and prescriptive analytics. We use K-MAAP© data, statistical algorithms, modeling and data mining techniques to forecast future probabilities and trends based on past performance.

We go much further than simply counting the volumes of outputs.


Our algorithms assess the impact of each academic output, over time, and in comparison with peers. A relatively new field, prescriptive analytics analyzes past behavior and predicts the likelihood of future behaviors to create powerful advantages. Simply, our model combines historical data with simulation algorithms and computational modeling procedures.

Again, we don't stop there. Our innovative Academic Analytics can be combined with behavioral theory and science to devise models that will produce measurable results.



Typically, our algorithms assess specific variables such as publications, grants, invited lectures and awards. However, additional outputs can be customized and then explored on the basis of multiple variables (e.g., campus, hospital site, department, gender, academic rank, etc.). 

How our Clients use our Services

Our clients use our services to supplement decision-making or peer review; assess academic effectiveness; demonstrate accountability; allocate resources; facilitate metrics-driven coaching or mentorship; and, deliver effective pipeline management and recruitment tools. 

Contact us for a full description of applications, type of analytics available, examples of their use, or to book a demonstration. 

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